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SAFE-T-FILL® Micro Blood Collection

Healthcare’s exclusive 100% plastic, pre-assembled capillary blood collection devices that use proprietary technology to draw blood into the tube. No more scooping. Reduce the risk of hemolysis, tissue contamination and clotting with SAFE-T-FILL products. Available in a wide range of applications and sizes.

THE SAFE-T-FILL® Micro Blood Product Family

Capillary Blood Collection Tubes

Designed to collect samples for hematology and chemistry testing from finger and heel sticks.

Blood Gas Capillaries

Provide the same capillary action as glass without the associated risks. Can be used with finger or heel sticks, direct from catheter or as a transfer device.

Micro Hematocrit Tubes

Available in plain or heparinized to ensure safe and accurate hematocrit determinations. Get the benefits of glass without the risk of breakage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am unable to get any blood - or not enough blood - in the tube. What can I do?

The SAFE-T-FILL® Capillary Blood Collection System works by the traditional method of capillary action, not by the “scoop method”. Be sure the tube is held at a horizontal or at a very slight downward angle. Allow a large drop to form on the finger and place the capillary tube close to the drop. Let the capillary tube do the work for you. Be sure the lancet being used provides an adequate flow of blood. Some other considerations are to warm the site, massage the hand and finger prior to making the incision, or select a finger without calluses.

Is the SAFE-T-FILL® Capillary Blood Collection System latex free?

Yes. All of our plastic products are latex free.

Is the anticoagulant, EDTA, contained in SAFE-T-FILL® liquid or powder?

The anticoagulant is a liquid di potassium EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid).

Do the end caps for the plastic blood gas capillary tubes fit on our glass Natelson tubes?

Yes. Our end caps are adaptable to the glass Natelson tubes as well.

What kind of heparin should I be using for my blood gas testing?

It all depends on the testing required and type analyzer you are using. Blood Gas only and PKU analyses can be done with all heparin derivatives. Sodium heparin cannot be used for electrolytes performed on blood gas analyzers because it will increase sodium levels. Ammonium heparin is the least used because of its interference with many ions. Lithium heparin is most widely used but cannot be used for lithium or ionized calcium testing. Balanced heparin is quickly becoming the heparin of choice because of ionized calcium testing requirements. We offer blood gas capillary tubes with balanced heparin and sodium heparin.

Is it OK if some blood remains in the SAFE-T-FILL® Blood Collection System?

Yes. There may be a small amount of blood left in the capillary tube. If you feel it necessary to remove it, you may tap the tube gently or use a bulb. The last drop of blood may also be used to perform a differential smear if one is required.

Can I use your blood gas capillary tubes as a transfer device for newborn testing such as PKU’s?

Yes. The anticoagulant requirement for a transfer device is heparin, so any of our blood gas tubes would be appropriate for this kind of testing.