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     Blood Gas Capillary Tubes


RAM Scientific's SAFE-T-FILL Blood Gas Capillary Tubes are 100% plastic for safer blood collection.  Our capillary tubes provide the same capillary action as glass without the associated risks.  Used with heel or finger sticks, direct from a catheter, or as a transfer device, our capillary tubes offer a safer alternative to glass or Mylar®-coated glass capillary tubes.   

SAFE-T-FILL Blood Gas Capillary Tubes come with either Sodium Heparin or Balanced Heparin anticoagulant coatings.  Our sodium heparin blood gas capillary tubes are used for traditional blood gas analysis and as a transfer device for PKU and POC testing.  They are ideal for replacing glass Natelson, Caraway, or other non-safe blood gas tubes. Our balanced heparin blood gas capillary tubes are ideal for those analyzers that support tests for multiple analytes in addition to traditional blood gas tests.  Both types are available in multiple sizes and are packaged in vials of 250 tubes.  End caps, mixing fleas, and magnets are also available.



  • 100% Plastic
    • Safe, as mandated by the FDA, OSHA and the CDC (NIOSH) 
    • As outlined in the CAP laboratory accreditation checklist

  • Provides the Same Capillary Action as Glass Without the Risk of Breakage
    • three sizes 115L, 150L, 230L 
    • sodium or balanced heparin 
    • end caps 
    • mixing fleas and magnets



  • Replaces Glass or Mylar-coated Glass Capillary Tubes
    • Blood gas testing
    • Analyte testing
    • Fetal scalp pH
    • PKUs
    • Other transfer devices such as
         - Natelson tubes
         - Caraway tubes

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