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     100% Plastic Capillary Blood Collection Systems

Do you still scoop? 
        Do you still use glass?

Evaluating RAM Scientific's 100% Plastic SAFE-T-FILL Blood Collection Systems should be a priority.  

Request evaluation samples now. 

100% Plastic

Capillary Action, 
No Scooping Required

Compliant with CAP and FDA recommendations

About RAM Scientific:

RAM Scientific has been providing high quality 100% plastic capillary blood collection devices since 1989. Recognized as the premiere source of safe micro blood collection systems for clinical and research applications, RAM Scientific is dedicated to pursuing safety in the laboratory through the replacement of glass with plastic. 

The SAFE-T-FILL® product line's proprietary technology allows plastic tubes to have the same capillary action as glass tubes without the risks associated with glass. Currently SAFE-T-FILL blood gas capillary tubes, capillary blood collection tubes and micro hematocrit tubes are available in a wide variety of sizes and additives for a wide range of capillary blood collection. They are available through all major distributors. SAFE-T-FILL products can also be customized to suit individual requirements.


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